The Best Juicers for Health and Nutrition

Juicing vegetables and fruits is a healthy habit for a healthy lifestyle. Fresh vegetable or fruit juice contains vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants that cooked or processed products lacks. However, most nutrition experts do caution against excessive calories and sugar one can get from juicing. Whether you decide to do juicing for research purposes or your nutritional purposes, it is wise to own a good juicer. Choosing the best juicer can be challenging especially if you do not follow your preferences. Here is a list of the best juicers that can suit your lifestyle and meet your needs.


  1. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer


If you are looking for the ideal Masticating Juicer, Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is the way to go. It’s a multifunctional juicer that can do lots of good things perfectly well juicing being part of the things it does best. It’s a silent and a tough juicer. Here are some of its features.


  • Masticating juicer

This is one of the very best masticating juicers, and it operates through two stage process at a slow speed to produce minimal foam and heat.


  • Shelf life

Since it generates less foam, the juice produced has a longer shelf life of 72 hours. As such, you can keep your juice for three days.


  • High juice quality

This appliance produces high-quality juice. It runs at a low speed thus the juice produced retains its natural appearance, color, taste minus foam. Since it generates minimal heat, the live enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients are retained in the juice. The juice produced is rich in nutrition.


  • High-powered

This juicer is equipped with a high power GE Ultem Auger and has a gear reduction which is equal to the power of a 2HP motor. With this kind of power, it is possible to extract the juice from any produce.


  • Multifunctional

The Omega Juicer is a multifunctional food processing appliance that can churn butter out of nuts, mill coffee to powder and other spices, and make soy-milk.


  • Two stage mechanism

This juicer operates through a dual-stage juicing system similar to your chewing mechanism. It first crushes vegetables and fruits and then presses them tight to extract the juice. It employs the procedure of crushing and pressing unlike centrifugal juicers and other juicers which use grinding mechanism.



  • Makes high-quality, tasty juice.
  • Excellent masticating juicer.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Multifunctional.



  • Less easy to clean.
  • Quite pricey.
  • Can be complex.


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  1. Breville 800JEXL Juice Extractor


Breville juicer delivers high-quality juice with its 800JEXL Extractor. Breville is an ideal juicer if you need a quick and reliable way to make juice. It is easy to use for beginners. It comes with a cleaning brush, froth separator, juice container and pulp bin. It runs at 1000 –watt and measures 17 × 11 × 20 inches.


What is good about Breville?


  • Simple to clean

There are just four sections that should be flushed in the wake of utilizing this juicer, which implies that you can have it clean and set up back together fantastically.


  • Bite the dust cast material

Not just does the bite the dust cast material make this one of the sturdiest and well-assembled juicers available, it likewise makes it a standout amongst the most appealing juicers. It takes a gander at home in a kitchen with different stainless steel apparatuses and its smooth, and sharp outline implies this is a machine that you won’t be embarrassed about having on your counter. It is likewise very strong, substantial, and weighty at the end of the day, you can feel the quality.


  • Titanium-strengthened sharp edges

The sharp edge makes the $300 sticker price unbelievably justified, despite all the trouble, in any event as you would like to think. It stays more keen longer, slices through sustenance a great deal all the more successfully, and delivers more squeeze than standard sharp edges.


  • Wide mouth

The 3-creep wide feeder chute is certain to be a major hit with the individuals who either don’t care for or who don’t have room schedule-wise to burn through thirty minutes to an hour setting up their products of the soil for squeezing. This Breville can deal with entire and half bits of natural product easily, requiring next to no prep work and accelerating the whole squeezing process all in all.


  • Two speeds

The way that this machine offers two speeds is a reward if you like to juice harder foods grown from the ground. This juicer delivers a lot of juice rapidly, which, when joined with the simple cleanup, made this one of the speediest juicers you can ever utilize, from planning time until after you are done with reassembling it in the wake of cleaning it.


What can be improved?

  • This juicer is backed by weak customer service thus improvement is needed.
  • Has a one year warranty which is upsetting compared to its price tag.


  1. The Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer


The super angel stainless juicer is sleek and can do a better job than standard juicers. The juicer is ideal for daily and frequent use. It can be standard up for house thus ideal even for commercial purposes. It is those people who are serious about their health and nutrition.




  • Less speed

Low speeds ensure a most careful and exceptionally productive squeezing instrument, a standout amongst the most proficient your money can purchase.


  • Gear Impeller System

Two riggings cooperate to pound and pulverize the produce, multiplying productivity and juice yield.


  • Stainless-steel Construction

Steel outwears and outflanks plastic unfailingly, particularly with regards to sustenance. It doesn’t drain unsafe chemicals the way certain plastics do, and unquestionably improves the tastes of whatever you are juicing


  • Long warranty

This juicer has a 10-year guarantee for the lion’s share of its parts, for example, the engine, twin apparatuses, switchboard, circuit board, screen scrubber, fan, power string and sprinkle protect. The guarantee for the extricating screen lodging is five years.


  • Heavy duty

This juicer is controlled by a 3HP engine that is sufficiently strong for both private and business squeezing needs.


What is good about it?


  • Juice is free from chemicals

This juicer is made entirely of stainless steel. As such, sustenance does not come into contact with plastic which is thought to unfortunate filter chemicals. Stainless steel is latent with regards to sustenance and does not change the nourishment, flavor, and smell of produce.


  • Juice is froth and foam

This juicer works at paces not surpassing 100RPM so that foam and froth are not shaped, giving you natural looking juice. Foam does not appear implying that less air has been blended with the juice, to stop the impact of oxidation. As such, you can refrigerate the juice for two days.

  • Perfect for juicing leafy greens

This juicer does remarkably well in juicing leafy greens such as kale, spinach, wheatgrass and other leafy produce.


  • Specifically designed for heavy use


The stainless steel that makes this juicer does not erode or rust and dependably looks flawless and cleaned. This juicer can be used both for residential and business purposes. The long additional guarantee is incorporated for an additional bit of brain.


What needs improvement?


  • A bit heavy

The juicer made completely of stainless steel; this juicer is heavy compared to those partially made of plastic. It is versatile if you are the kind who moves things around the kitchen.


  • Constraining cost

This is one costly juicer though the cost will depend on your budget and preferences. With this juicer, be sure you’re spending your cash well.


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Top Reasons to Lose Weight

Generally the most popular incentives for weight loss such as scary disease figures, as well as the fitness industry’s appeal to vanity are not particularly effective. These weight loss incentives are not useful or scientifically proven ways to encourage people to go on a diet or fitness regime.


Over all that is a massive missed chance due to there been better reasons to lose weight. These include more urgent, more scientifically evidence based, and reasons focused on enhancing the quality of life.


Unfortunately these are usually ignored in public debate concerning weight loss and the best reasons for attempting it.


(Note the use of the word public, as doctors, medical researchers, and scientists discuss it all of the time. They just have not got around to making it public yet).


  1. Your knees and elbows will be grateful to you.


Some are more prone to having aching joints than others yet been overweight increases the risks of developing joint conditions. Osteoarthritis is a painful condition when people can eventually lose the use of their joints completely. Doctors and researchers have suspected for a while that been overweight makes osteoarthritis worse.


A recent study demonstrates the link between weight and the condition. The heaviest were 6 times more likely to have the condition in one knee, and a staggering 18 times more likely to osteoarthritis in both knees.


  1. You will sleep better.


Becoming overweight has strong links with sleep apnea, which can be far more serious than snoring. People with sleep apnea stop breathing while they are asleep. The more someone weighs the worse their sleep apnea will become. Drastic increases in your body fat levels will make sleep apnea much worse.


Research shows what a scary impact that weight gain will have on the severity of apnea that people suffer. Here are examples of the impact that weight increases have on the severity of sleep apnea:


5 % weight gain equates to a 250 % increase in severe apnea


10 % weight gain equals a 650 % increase in severe sleep apnea


20 % weight gain equals 3, 7000 % in apnea.


  1. You can taste your food again.


As strange as this sounds obese people lose their sense of taste. Perhaps that is why the foods that can people put on the most weight have flavors enhanced in some way, for instance extra sugar, salt, fat, or sauces been added. The foods that are most likely to cause obesity are the only ones that obese people can taste.


However losing the sense of taste can be reversed, as when people lose weight their taste buds seem to recover and they can savor flavors more. Losing weight and becoming fit allows full taste to be regained so people can taste healthier foods more and may even want to replace unhealthy food with fruit and veggies.


  1. Weight loss means your immune system gets restored.


People assume that body fat is like a cash machine when fat can be deposited and withdrawn as energy at any time. It does not work that way. Body fat is easier to acquire than it is to lose again.


Essentially too much fat is detrimental to our immune systems. Excess fat confuses the immune system and it loses the ability to detect and counter outside infections. As soon as people start losing weight their immune system recovers and people are less prone to infections.


  1. Losing weight means people have better chances of surviving surgery and childbirth.


Medical operations are far riskier when people are overweight. People with high body fat levels take longer to recover from operations and faces greater chances of complications.


Yet the more weight people lose the better. Operations are a reduced risk with less body fat, and women have a better chance of surviving childbirth.