Top Reasons to Lose Weight

Generally the most popular incentives for weight loss such as scary disease figures, as well as the fitness industry’s appeal to vanity are not particularly effective. These weight loss incentives are not useful or scientifically proven ways to encourage people to go on a diet or fitness regime.


Over all that is a massive missed chance due to there been better reasons to lose weight. These include more urgent, more scientifically evidence based, and reasons focused on enhancing the quality of life.


Unfortunately these are usually ignored in public debate concerning weight loss and the best reasons for attempting it.


(Note the use of the word public, as doctors, medical researchers, and scientists discuss it all of the time. They just have not got around to making it public yet).


  1. Your knees and elbows will be grateful to you.


Some are more prone to having aching joints than others yet been overweight increases the risks of developing joint conditions. Osteoarthritis is a painful condition when people can eventually lose the use of their joints completely. Doctors and researchers have suspected for a while that been overweight makes osteoarthritis worse.


A recent study demonstrates the link between weight and the condition. The heaviest were 6 times more likely to have the condition in one knee, and a staggering 18 times more likely to osteoarthritis in both knees.


  1. You will sleep better.


Becoming overweight has strong links with sleep apnea, which can be far more serious than snoring. People with sleep apnea stop breathing while they are asleep. The more someone weighs the worse their sleep apnea will become. Drastic increases in your body fat levels will make sleep apnea much worse.


Research shows what a scary impact that weight gain will have on the severity of apnea that people suffer. Here are examples of the impact that weight increases have on the severity of sleep apnea:


5 % weight gain equates to a 250 % increase in severe apnea


10 % weight gain equals a 650 % increase in severe sleep apnea


20 % weight gain equals 3, 7000 % in apnea.


  1. You can taste your food again.


As strange as this sounds obese people lose their sense of taste. Perhaps that is why the foods that can people put on the most weight have flavors enhanced in some way, for instance extra sugar, salt, fat, or sauces been added. The foods that are most likely to cause obesity are the only ones that obese people can taste.


However losing the sense of taste can be reversed, as when people lose weight their taste buds seem to recover and they can savor flavors more. Losing weight and becoming fit allows full taste to be regained so people can taste healthier foods more and may even want to replace unhealthy food with fruit and veggies.


  1. Weight loss means your immune system gets restored.


People assume that body fat is like a cash machine when fat can be deposited and withdrawn as energy at any time. It does not work that way. Body fat is easier to acquire than it is to lose again.


Essentially too much fat is detrimental to our immune systems. Excess fat confuses the immune system and it loses the ability to detect and counter outside infections. As soon as people start losing weight their immune system recovers and people are less prone to infections.


  1. Losing weight means people have better chances of surviving surgery and childbirth.


Medical operations are far riskier when people are overweight. People with high body fat levels take longer to recover from operations and faces greater chances of complications.


Yet the more weight people lose the better. Operations are a reduced risk with less body fat, and women have a better chance of surviving childbirth.