It’s Party Time!

I’ve finally done it! I’ve finally got down to my target weight! I can hardly believe it!


In January, I decided that it was going to be my New Year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds and to fit back into my wedding dress. It’s our silver wedding anniversary this year, and I wanted to surprise my husband by wearing my wedding dress when we renewed our vows this December. So I started out on my diet. It wasn’t easy. I cut out all of the tasty foods that I love – no more chocolate, no more cheese, no more cream and no more cakes. I was living like a nun! On top of that, I was going to the gym four days a week. It was pretty tough going, I can tell you, but it’s been well worth it. Three weeks ago, I hopped onto the scales and I had finally hit my target – the ten pounds of flab were gone! I tried on my dress and it fits like a glove so now we’re full steam ahead for the renewal of vows ceremony, and there’s still a couple of months to go!

girl with big belly

I feel like celebrating to mark my amazing weight loss, so I’ve invited some friends and family around next weekend. We’re going to have a few drinks and some tasty snacks (low-fat ones of course) and just have a lot of fun. We’ve got a whole bunch of friends coming, but the problem is that there isn’t enough room in our refrigerator to hold all the drinks. We have a few bottles of the fizzy stuff to share, and we want to drink them at the right temperature, so I’ve invested in a top quality cooler so the bottles can stay wonderfully cool.

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It hasn’t been easy to choose the right cooler. There are so many different ones out there that it’s difficult to decide. However, I did a lot of research and I’ve finally come up with the perfect model. This cooler from Whynter offers excellent reliability paired with plenty of power, and since it can cool beverages right down to the 30s Fahrenheit, it’s ideal for our bubbly. It features a specialized fan system which ensures that the entire case is kept at the perfect temperature and thanks to its stylish white finish, it perfectly matches my other kitchen appliances. With its powerful cooling, it also boasts removable and adjustable shelves so I can easily fit my bottles on them.


There are 5 shelves altogether, so we can easily fit in both bottles and cans, with an extra large space at the bottom for the biggest bottles. Another handy feature is the manual light switch with its LED bulb which guarantees its long lifespan. As it’s manual, I can keep it on if I want for better ambiance in the room. The stainless steel trim to the door makes it look even more stylish and since it locks, we don’t need to worry about the grandchildren breaking in!

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Whynter BR-128WS

Of course, it has a few downsides. The thermostat is inside the unit for a start, which makes it tricky to find if the cooler has shelves that are already full of wine and beer, and it is a little noisy with its internal fan humming even if the compressor isn’t cycling, however, overall it’s ideal for my party and I know it’s going to keep my drinks at just the right temperature.


The cooler is due to arrive tomorrow, and then I can start stocking it with all of my favorite drinks. I’m getting a couple of bottles of champagne, some sparkling wine, and of course, some beer for my other half because that’s all he ever drinks! Now that we’re going to have a cooler he won’t be able to complain that it’s too warm for him!

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I’m really looking forward to cracking open a perfectly cool bottle of bubbly and pouring a toast to my success. It’s going to be the perfect evening – until our renewal of vows ceremony of course. But I’d better not drink too much of the champagne and eat too many snacks, otherwise, I won’t fit into my dress after all!